About us

The commencement of business activity of Pavel Kusý-KEM dates back to the issue of the trade licence on 21 March 1994. The acceptance of an offer to represent Western Electric Australia Pty Ltd, an Australian company, in the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets can be seen as a decisive turning point in the direction of KEM’s business. For a long time, Western Electric Australia Pty Ltd was the largest buyer of electric motors by MEZ Mohelnice, Frenštát and Drásov. After the above manufacturing plants were sold to the German trust SIEMENS, the business conditions became unacceptable to the Australians and they decided to commence their own production. The manufacturing plant was built in China for reasons of availability and low acquisition and production costs. Today, no one doubts the far-sightedness of this decision. Photos of the premises When introducing their own series, the design engineers used all positive experience with Czech motors of well-known series of 4AP and F and, above all, they decided to preserve the robust frame of electric motors, allowing for their mechanical and electrical overcharging. Compliance with the European standards of IEC is a matter of course. Photos of the premises Historically, we are the first company to introduce electric motors manufactured in this part of the world to the Czech market. Until then there are many more importers of Chinese electric motors who try to draw attention through damping prices. Photos of the premises The KEM premises are impossible to miss. Built on a green field 14 years ago, the premises are the first building to be seen from the highway between Ostrava and Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. Despite a relatively short time in the market, this purely Czech company operating in the field of electric motors cannot be considered unknown, and rival companies with renowned names and incomparably longer history should acknowledge KEM. In the area of sales, we place emphasis mainly on seriousness and individual approach. Fast deliveries that are a matter of course in this busy era are made possible due to the largest warehouse stock of electric motors in the Czech Republic which amounts to 20,000 units with output range between 0.09 kW and 400 kW. At the same time, our company is the official Czech and Slovak sales representative of BARTEC, a manufacturer of electric motors for explosive environments. It will be our pleasure to give you a tour through our company. Pavel Kusý