In aluminium frame

s-hlinikovou-kostrouTechnical description of the basic model:

Three-phase low-voltage motors with short-circuit armature with output range between 0.06 kW and 18.5 kW, up to 3 kW with voltage of 230VD/400VY, from 4 kW with voltage of 400VD/690VY, frequency 50Hz, IP55 cover, self-cooling IC411, heating in class B for permanent load S1, efficiency with IE1 type 1A up to 0.55 kW, IE2 type 2A from 0.75 kW, insulation system F, aluminium frame, from axial size 112 reinforced bearings of series 63. These motors are manufactured in CN and distributed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland under the business name of KEM. Catalogue of aluminium motors, Catalogue of aluminium motors – size of bearings | Motor cross-section

Technical description 3A:

Technical description of the basic model: 3A132-3A160 Data sheet

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Technical data 3A: